Why I Run

1.To push myself further than I ever thought I’d be able to. 3 years ago a 10K or a half-marathon seemed impossible, but now 10K is my short run and I’ve run 2 half-marathons. Right now a marathon seems impossible, but by 2014 I hope to make it a reality.

2. To combat stress and keep anxiety at bay. Running provides me with an opportunity to focus, calm my racing mind, and just enjoy the moment.

2. For shoes, tanks, and tights! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love shopping for a new running outfit. Lululemon, Asics and Nike are my go-to brands.

4. To keep a fit, strong, and healthy body that I can be proud of. I know that being able to run is a gift and isn’t something that everyone can do. Whenever I don’t feel like going for a run, I think of how lucky I am to have two strong legs to carry me out the door and through many kilometres.

5. To maintain membership in a worldwide community of amazing, strong, and passionate people who are always willing to share their love of running online and off. I have met at least 100 new people (IRL) over the past year because of running and they are all AWESOME.

Why do YOU run?



3 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. I love this!! Such amazing reasons and I can relate so much! I run to keep myself challenged, and to keep my body in the shape I want it to be. Also to eat copious amounts of sugar. Asics are my go to shoe!

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