Pre-Race Nerves – just f***ing run!

Well it’s about that time when the pre-race nerves start kicking in. I don’t really know why I’m so nervous for this race. I’ve run 2 half-marathons before and a 20K race and I know I can do it. I have trained all throughout last fall and winter, steady since August 2012, and only really let the ball drop once…it was in February which is known for being the most miserable month of the year so I’m not going to be too hard on myself.  I’ve logged 400km so far in 2013, and even though I probably should have gone on more long runs, I know I can run 21.1k on Sunday.


But, I’m still nervous. I bought this Oiselle t-shirt last weekend on a trip to Michigan. I bought it because I have wanted to buy a Oiselle shirt forever, and also because the saying on it has a lot of meaning to me. Beginning last fall, I started to get anxious on my runs. As someone who has always run to escape stress, the fact that anxiety was now following me on my runs was not something I was happy about. To be honest, this winter/spring has been tough. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve texted my mom or sister during a run or right after dealing with a panic attack. I feel incredibly lucky that every time they’ve called me and talked me through my anxiety until I felt better. I could have packed up my shoes and given up running many times, but I didn’t. On Sunday I am running for them because without them, I couldn’t run.

20130524-140415.jpgJust last month my good friend Joanne raced in her very first marathon. We had been training together over the winter via Nike+ (she lives in BC) and we pretty much talked about running everyday, and we still do! Right before her race she texted me and said she was nervous. Since she was the one running 42.2k that day, not me, I was calm and collected and gave her some wise words of advice from Running Room founder John Stanton. As you can see from the text to the left, Joanne had other things running through her head, and I’m happy to say that they got her across the finish line in 4:14:52!

On Sunday I’ll be thinking of my sister, my mom, and Joanne as I run 21.1k through Sunnybrook Park. I know I’ll be nervous the night before, the morning of, and right up until the start line, but I also know I won’t be running alone. As a wise running friend once said to me, just “f***ing run!”


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