Goal Setting: I Signed up for a Marathon

This week I began training with my new coach (!) and with some new goals in mind. After looking at my current racing season, we decided that the next logical step would be to increase my distance and ramp up for a marathon. With the Around the Bay 30k as one of my 2014 goals, we decided a spring marathon makes most sense since I’ll already be in good shape and ready to add on the extra 12.2k for a marathon. I have always wanted to run my first marathon in my hometown so on May 4th, 2014, I’ll be lacing up in front of Square One to begin the 42.2k of the Mississauga Marathon.  marathon run jenna

Right now I’ve got 294 days to go, so no need to panic, right? While I am a bit nervous, I know I can do it. I remember the first time I ran a half-marathon (undertrained), I stepped up to the starting line with every fibre in my body ready to run 21.1k. I knew I could do it, and I did. Behind all the doubt, nervousness, and stress about training for any type of race, there is always a little voice inside of me that says “You Can Do This.”  The hard part is using that voice to drown out all the other negative thoughts, but I am working on that!

Earlier this week I sat down to get started on a Vision Board. I’ve seen a lot of other runners and goal-setters use them to stay inspired and stay on track. Whenever I think of goals, I come back to Lululemon’s concept of the BHAG, or Big Hairy Audacious Goal. I know they didn’t create the idea of the BHAG, but the first time I heard of it was on their blog. Actually, it’s quite funny, but when I think of goal-setting, I think of Lululemon! Maybe I need to get out more… Anyways, just like I’ve never been one to stick to a training plan (until now), I have never been one for goal setting. I think the idea of not reaching my goals, makes me too scared to even set them. But, now I have my very first, official BHAG and I am hoping that this goal-setting attitude makes its way into other areas of my life too, because I could think of a few other areas that need it!

bhagA great way to make sure you keep your promises and successfully complete your goals is to tell a lot of people so that you have a HUGE support team keeping you accountable! In the last year or so, I have met tons and tons of amazing, inspiring runners who I know I can count on to keep my butt in gear! They’re the people who I’m going to be excited with when I have an awesome training run, and who I will confide in when things aren’t going well. They’re the people who fill my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds with amazing pictures and statues that talk of kilometres conquered and goals met. They are truly the people who keep me going everyday and I am so lucky to know each and every one of them. If you would like to get to know some of them too, check out my Born to Run Twitter list.

So here’s to everyone who has a Big Hairy Audacious (Running) Goal coming up this year or next! You can do it! And if you need an extra cheerleader,  you know who to call 🙂


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