If I’m going to be honest, I’ve been pretty lazy lately. Without running, my fitness schedule has descended into a downward spiral of sleeping in, skipping workouts, and eating lots and lots of chocolate. Just today we jennareceived a GIGANTIC basket of candy at the office and I ate half of a espresso flavoured chocolate bar and a handful of assorted gummies. Yeah…this stuff happens even when you work for a fitness company!

So, in an effort to get myself back on track and out of the path of the weight-gain train, I am going to challenge myself to #40DaysOfSweat. Coinciding with Lent, I am going to give up not working out for 40 days. Using a combination of yoga, strength training and online workouts I am going to take my fitness routine back and hopefully earn those Madonna arms I’ve always wanted!

madonna arms

Not running has been tough, emotionally, mentally and physically. I miss running, I miss talking about running with my running friends, and I miss training for something. Admitting to myself that my spring race season isn’t going to happen has been hard to accept. I trained all friggin’ winter for these races and while I can admit that not having to do long runs in minus 15 is kind of nice, it’s still sad to think of all those hard training runs I did not paying off.

I don’t know what my running future looks like. I don’t know if I’ll ever run a marathon or even a 5k again, but I might as well use this time off productively and become strong in other ways. One area I’d like to work on is my arms.  As a life-long fan of Madonna, I have always been a fan of her arms. Although I do lift light weights and have some definition in my arms, I’ve never been able to really build muscle. This PopSugar workout  promises Madonna’s arms in just 10 minutes a session. I think it’s worth a try! Madonna arms, here I come!


4 thoughts on “#40DaysOfSweat

  1. Wow! I just checked up on your blog and read about your allergic reaction, how terrifying!!! I once had a mild anaphylactic reaction (nothing like the severity of yours) and was never able to figure out what set it off. The dr. said it was probably some combination of factors, but the good news is it never happened again, so here’s hoping that is the case for you! Best of luck, I know it is frustrating not being able to run but you will get through it!

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