Moving Forward

20x30-HSAV1416I had my long-awaited allergy test last Monday and the result was: I am allergic to wheat. According to my allergist this is most likely what caused my anaphylactic reaction on February 10th and I should therefore avoid any and all wheat products forever. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me as I suspected wheat to be the culprit of an annoying and itchy skin rash I’ve had on my hands for the last few years and severe bloating and stomach cramps after eating certain foods. I think it’s all connected and I am glad I finally have some answers.

Since I now have the “all-clear” for running, with my Epi-Pen on me at all times of course, I went for a couple of runs last week. In reality, the were more like trots at a 9:00/km pace, but it felt liberating to finally be able to lace up my shoes and thrown on some running tights again! I only managed about 30 minutes on each run, and I felt like throwing up after each one, but the journey towards building up my cardio fitness again has begun. On the plus side, I have been doing a lot of strength training and “Madonna Arm Workouts” (I requested these from my coach) so I’m coming back to running with a stronger core and some bigger muscles. As my wise Coach once said “No reason you can’t have awesome arms when you are crossing the finish line.”


I had my first race this Saturday at Harry’s Spring Run-Off in High Park. An annual family favourite, I thought I’d be able to run the 8k, but after a particularly tough run on Thursday night, I knew that was out of the question. Instead, I transferred to the 5K race and walked it with my Dad. We finished the race in 44:47, 13 seconds away from my Dad’s 5K PB and we had a great time. Despite the freezing temperatures and strong winds, we kept up a steady walking pace and even ran a few of the downhill sections. Next year I know my Dad can beat his PB and I’ll be there to walk him through the tough parts and make sure he comes in under 44 minutes.

I met with my Running Coach this evening and we talked through my new running plan for 2014. It looks like I’ll do a run/walk half-marathon in a month, with the goal being a 2 hour half marathon in the early fall and *maybe* a full in late fall or early spring 2015. I wouldn’t mind focusing on some shorter distances for the rest of the year and setting PBs in both the 5K and 10K distance while working on my speed. The last thing I want to do is rush into training for a marathon and burn out again. I told my coach, this time I doing things right and will listen to my body, eat right, train right, and rest right. No more anxious runs or post-run panic attacks.

The thing I am most excited about now that I can run again is getting out to train with my friends! I really missing run with the crew at Tribe Fitness and my #1 running partner Linda <3.  If there’s one thing I have gained from running these past few years, it’s the most KICK-ASS group of friends anyone could ask for. They were even out to cheer my Dad and I on at Harry’s Spring Run-Off on Saturday and that meant the world to me. If you are in Toronto and looking for a running group, I highly suggest you #JoinTheTribe Wednesday nights at 7pm at Canoe Landing Park. All details can be found on their Facebook page. I am planning to have my first run back with them on Wednesday. It’s going to be slow, and it will probably be a bit painful, but there is no where I’d rather be on a lovely spring evening than running with my friends.



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