5 Reasons My Tribe Rocks

Tonight my running/triathlon/brunching crew, Tribe Fitness, will celebrate their 1 year anniversary! I really can’t wait to see what’s in store, but an event that starts with a glow run is guaranteed to be awesome. I owe a lot of my success and growth over this past season to the amazing athletes I am privileged to train with at Tribe. From early morning long runs through the heat of the summer to even earlier morning swim sessions in the pool, training with Tribe has been the most FUN I have ever had and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

On the day of Tribe’s 1 year anniversary, I wanted to share a few reasons why Tribe Fitness has rocked my world this year and why I think YOU should #JoinTheTribe!

Tribe Love

#1) We laugh through it all. If there’s one thing this crew knows how to do, it’s have FUN! And if you’re not having fun doing something, what’s the point? From the Ugly Holiday Sweater Run (next one is coming up!), Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Scavenger Hunt, and our end-of-season Tribe Night at the Ballpark, this crew knows how to work hard and play hard. Want to join us? Our annual Ugly Holiday Sweater Dash is taking place this year on December 10th!

#2) Impossible becomes possible. My belief in what I am capable of has grown 500% since joining Tribe. Can I run faster than I could before? Yes. Can I run longer than I could before? Yes. Can I complete a race in a sport completely new to me like Triathlon? Yes! Training for a race, whether it be a 10K or a marathon, is easier when you’re training with a group. When you see people who are like yourself, reaching big goals and doing awesome things, those goals suddenly become achievable for you too.

#3) Training partners turn into friends. I love the people I train with. They’re not just my running buddies, they’re my friends! Sometimes we go out for Froyo and sometimes we have long Facebook conversations about how much we love nachos. We text each other to stay connected even when we’re not training and if we’re not participating in a race, you better believe that we are on the sidelines cheering our asses off! I find that the older you get, the harder it is to make new friends, but joining Tribe has expanded my social circle to include all kinds of amazing people.

Tribe Night at the Ballpark

#4) The Cycle of Inspiration never ends. No matter where you are in your training journey or how long you’ve been running for, there will always be days when you’re going to need a little inspiration! The people of Tribe Fitness are a never-ending source of inspiration with members completing Ironman triathlons, marathons, obstacle races and most importantly, lots of very first races ever! In Tribe, not only will you find inspiration, but you will become a source of inspiration to everyone around you as you push yourself to achieve goals you never thought possible before! This year I had so many people to look up to and learn from as I completed my first triathlon and I hope to be a source of inspiration for those new Tribe members who are taking on their first triathlon next year!

#5) bRUNch. Admit it, sometimes the only thing that keeps us going through a particularly tough long run is the promise of bacon and eggs after it’s all over. Every Saturday after our Tribe long runs, we go for brunch! From the Thompson Diner to Fresh, What A Bagel to Fuel+, we have run and eaten our way across the city. Not only is brunch delicious, it’s also a great way to relax and get to know your fellow runners better! Just last weekend we dined at Le Neuf Cafe, a lovely little French spot off of Spadina with delicious omelets and mouth-watering French toast. #yum

Have I convinced you that the Tribe rocks? Learn more about the awesome Tribe Fitness community on Facebook and Twitter and I hope to see you out at a run soon!

Tribe Triathlon IronGirl


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