Try This Workout: Moves Like Lanni

Lanni STWMLast month after the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon, I had the opportunity to chat with Lanni Marchant, Canada’s marathon record-holder and recent bronze medalist in the 10,000m at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. The incredible thing about so many of our Canadian athletes is that they really care about their fans and are so kind and generous in sharing their training experiences. Lanni is no exception and it’s amazing to see how she’s become a hero for Canadians and women runners all across the country!

We were talking about developing speed and training on the track and I asked Lanni if she had a favourite workout she could recommend. She mentioned something called “The Brazilian,” which she describes in this post on her blog. 

The Brazilian involves a lot more than running. It includes crunches, push-ups, supermans, and lunges, followed by a 100m sprint, running drills, and then even more sprints! I am telling you, the first time I did this workout I screamed on my last interval because I was in so much pain. Lanni’s version of the workout is pretty intense and obviously tailored to an elite level athlete (which I am not), so I asked my Coach Brock Armstrong to modify the workout into something I could fit into my training. Here’s what he came up with:

Lanni Marchant’s Brazilian Workout, Modified for the Recreational Athlete:

Warm-Up: 5-10 minutes of full body movement.

Main Set:
Repeat this set 4 times, increasing the final sprint distance each time:
10 crunches, 10 push-ups, 10 supermans, 10 reverse lunges
100m all-out sprint
20 reps of a running form drill. Choose one from this video:
90 second easy jog
200m sprint
Back to the top for a total of 4 intervals, increasing from 200m to 400m, 600m, and finally 800m on the final interval. Get ready for the HURT.

Cool Down: 5-10 minutes of easy jogging after stretching out any tight areas.

Moves Like LanniLooks OK on paper, right? But those core exercises really add up and the final 800m sprint will really test your pain tolerance! Can you see the pain on my face? The first time I did this workout, I had to stop for 10 seconds during my final 800m sprint. The second time I did this workout I controlled my pace and didn’t fade at the end. Woo! This is definitely a workout I plan to keep in my training regimen and my goal is to increase the number of intervals as well as the distance of the final sprint as my speed improves over time.

If you’re looking for something new to do at the track, I definitely recommend trying this Lanni-approved workout! It’s easily modified to fit any runner’s skill level or preferred distance by adding or removing intervals. Right now I am focusing on shorter distances, but this workout could also be used by the longer distance runner. As Lanni says in her original blog post: “As my season progresses, the intervals will lengthen, and eventually the entire workout is replaced with more marathon-specific intervals.”

Let me know if you try this workout! Tweet me @jennapettinato and tell me how it goes. Good luck!


35K Weekend: WE CRUSHED IT

I am still feeling a high (and a slight sense of exhaustion) from our 35k weekend! I can’t believe we did it! WE DID IT! When my friend Linda suggested we run back to back races of 10k and 25k Saturday and Sunday, I was a bit skeptical. I had never run back to back races before, let alone a 10k and then my LONGEST RUN EVER. Before Sunday, I had never run more than 21.1k in a half-marathon.ZOO RUN with Linda

The Zoo Run 10K on Saturday was awesome. Despite the cold and rainy weather, we had SO MUCH FUN. Linda and I wanted to dress up so we found leopard print tights at H&M and some fun animal accessories at Party Packagers. I think our costumes turned out pretty awesome and the tights, which are not actually running tights, were very comfortable to run in.

We didn’t plan to run either of our races on the weekend too fast, but before we knew it Linda and I were picking up the pace and holding it. At 5k I realized we could finish our race in a hour if we maintained our 6 minute/km pace. Up and down the hills, through the ran and mud, we held on to it and finished in an official time of 1:00:17 – right on time! I was SO proud of us, especially on such a challenging course. This means that a 2 hour half-marathon could be a reality next year and I am very excited about that!

The RBC Run For The Kids 25k on Sunday was definitely one of the most challenging runs I have ever done. There were hills EVERYWHERE which I was not expecting at all. Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be another hill, we’d see one in front of us, taunting our tired legs. I am not exaggerating when I saw that there were probably 12-15 hills along the course. During this race, I started to feel fatigue and soreness in my knees settle in around 15k. I know if I had come into this race fresh, I would not have felt this way.

Linda and I stayed close the entire race and she was such a great motivator. I don’t think I could have done this race without  her. We crossed the finish line in 2:55:03 and I immediately made a beeline for the food. I was incredibly hungry and a bit dehydrated, I think. After 2 muffins, a smoothie, and a banana, I was feeling like myself again. Not sure if I would do the RBC Run For The Kids again as it was a really boring course and there was no one around to cheer us on, but I am still glad we did it and completed our 35k weekend challenge.  Next up: Road 2 Hope half-marathon!

RBC Run For The Kids